Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Blogging Story

I've been asked about my decision to begin blogging and so I thought you might want to hear my story. I began blogging a few months after attending a networking event from my undergraduate institution. At this networking event, one of the panelists mentioned what he looks for in potential employees. He asked, what are you doing now to show that you are the best person for this job, besides the obvious grades, internships, and job experience that you already possess? From that day on this question really got me thinking about a way I can show that I can passionate about working in Public Health.

And no he did not advise any of us to create a blog. I chose blogging as a way to be creative and stay informed about the many topics and issues in the field of Public Health/Health Promotion. I use blogging to discuss key issue in Public Health such as health disparities, health inequalities and Non-communicable diseases. And yes, you can find other topics on my blog, such as natural hair, professional development and music. However, it is mainly centers around health related topics.

So when potential employer asks about how I'm involved in the field of Public Health/Health Promotion, I don't necessarily have to talk about my internships or course work or my thesis. I could potentially talk about how my blog has allowed me to develop strengths and to work on some of my weaknesses that would be ideal for potential employment.

Times-in-Ohio (which this title will be changed to something more reflective of my blog) is sought of job related, because I am passionate about promoting health and supporting others in the quest for health equality. I hope that I can clearly express that here and continue to do so with time.

So, for those who are bloggers, why did you decide to begin blogging? 

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