About Lilia

About Me.
August 9,2011

My name is Lilia and I have recently graduated with my M.S. in Health Promotion. Academically, my research interests lie in Public Health, Non-communicable diseases and Health Disparities, all of which will be primarily reflected on this blog. This is my platform to discuss issues in public health that interest me. I am a health conscious, aspiring woman, making strides to establish a career in Public Health. I love learning & most importantly I'm always willing to learn.

About the blog.

Through this blog, I seek to educate, create awareness, and most importantly promote healthy behaviors, while encouraging preventative measures against illness/disease. Most importantly, I hope this blog will foster my creativity and support my endeavors in establishing a career in Public Health.

Other topics of interest include hair care and skin care and all things wellness.

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If you have any questions, you can always contact me at cdeterville28@hotmail.com