Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ultra smooth & creamy Body Butter Mix (No heat used)

Hello friends,

I'm back with a new body butter recipe. Now that's it cold outside, added moisture is definitely needed to achieve and maintain supple, moisturized and healthy skin. 

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This is my best body butter recipe to date. 
Because no heat was added. 

With my other body butters, I melted my butters. which greatly increased the final results, which then had to re-solidify overnight.

The final result of what I'm about to show you only took a few minutes?
I used a blender to blend all ingredients into a super creamy body butter that simply melts into the skin.

By not using heat, you maintain ingredients in their most whole form. Your cocoa butter, shea butter or coconut oil retain all their nutrients and are not zapped out by high heat. For this reason, I prefer using ingredients that are raw, organic and unrefined to reap the most benefits.

 I hope you guys enjoy the recipe. In a blender, I combined these ingredients:

1 cup mango butter
1/4 cup cocoa butter
1/4 cup sweet almond oil
 2 tbsps coconut oil
1/4 cup castor oil
1/4 cup olive oil

I was inspired by HeyFranHey to create my body butters by blending instead of heating.

I hope this helps,

Friday, November 1, 2013

Get stronger bones without Cow's milk

Hello friends,

Get stronger bones without cow's milk.
My now favorite bok choy!

I hope this helps,