Saturday, December 24, 2011

Make your dreams come true in 2012! (Set goals)

Hi guys,

Just a few more days left in 2011 and yet again we are blessed to see another year. You know what that means: reassessment and goal setting for the new year. The end of the year always acts a reminder for me, where I take a few hours to talk to myself (you should try it too) and to think about my future. Ask yourself:
  • How was the past year?
  • Did I get to successfully accomplish my goals?
  • Was I happy with my life in 2011?
I tend to think more long term. I am generally more concerned about what my life will look like 6 months or a year from now... (Always think ahead. You never know what tomorrow may bring).

Time to make yet another list. For me, lists provide guidance. Sometimes, I abuse the system of lists: Why do I need a list for everything?! I'm very organized by nature and lists help me to remain organized and focused.
  1. Organize your list into both short term and long term goals. I think its important to think big; yet realistically. For example, in 6-7 months, I hope to land my first full time employment in Public Health.
  2. Next its time for research. Research should provide the 'how-tos' for achieving your goals. By conducting research (whether that is by talking to mentors or reading every book possible) you should be able to come up with the best strategy as to how you will make X a reality.
  3. Now its time to create a vision board. Vision boards acts as a visual reminder to keep working towards your dreams. Make sure that your vision board is located in an area where you'll see it everyday. Your vision board doesn't have to elaborate, but it should be stimulate and encourage you to keep working towards your goals. Never lose sight of your dreams!!
Finally, its important to keep reevaluating your goals. If you have to make changes, go ahead and do so. Make 2012 your year!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,