Thursday, December 22, 2011

Take the 'No-Shampoo' Challenge!

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No shampoo?! I know you might be thinking well, how do I get my hair cleaned without shampoo? Easy: you use its compliment, conditioner. Conditioner is a great alternative to shampoo, because its milder. Shampoo is often too harsh, leaving hair dry and stripped of its natural oils. I've tried using a less concentrated form of shampoo by watering it down, but I only found temporary relief and I was back to dry hair, which I despise. As I've stated before, dry hair = breakage = less hair retention.
Also the cold and dry air during the winter months make it an unfriendly environment for my hair.

 So, if you are experiencing dry hair with your regular shampoo, take the 'no-shampoo' challenge with me this winter season. Your hair will love it.
  • Conditioners actually contain cleansing agents that can get your hair clean. From personal experience, I can tell you that you don't need the heavy suds to feel like your hair is clean. In fact, heavy suds for me , usually means that I use too much shampoo, which then means my natural oils are gone. Most importantly, that squeaky feeling on your hair, most likely means one thing, DRY hair.
  • This 'no-shampoo' challenge will mean that you will use more conditioner, but more doesn't mean more money. The money that would've used for the shampoo can now go towards purchasing additional conditioner. The best conditioners to use for this challenge are cheap conditioners. My favorite are the VO5 moisture milks brand or the suave conditioners. They are are inexpensive and you can find both of those at the dollar store ($1).
  • To make sure that your hair gets cleaned, you will have to really work the conditioner into your hair. Pay attention to your scalp and hairline, where grease often accumulates. I often rinse and repeat this process 2-3 times. On average I usually have 2-3 (natural) products in my hair, so the time it takes to cleanse my hair of those products takes very little time.
  • If you experience lots of build-up due to products, then this challenge might not work for you. In that case, shampoo needs to be used to rid the hair of all product build-up. I wash my hair every week; therefore, I experience very little build-up. Due to the fact that my hair type is prone to dryness, I need to add moisture often.
Take the 'no-shampoo' challenge with me and say bye-bye to dry hair and hello to soft curls.
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