Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wild for NUTS! (Cashews + Almonds)

My love for cashews has gone back ever since I was a child, growing up in St. Lucia, cutting up old jeans pants, ready to sew them into knap sacks as I prepared for the annual 'secret' raids of cashew trees in the 
 neighborhood. Oh What fun! I wish I had pictures to share...

Today cashews and almonds (I always eat them unsalted) are one of my favorite go-to snacks wile studying or lounging around. Besides taste, here are some of the most important reasons why I love those nuts and why I eat (always in moderation) them on a weekly basis. Their health benefits are excellent:

Cashews + Almonds: Great sources of protein, fiber, potassium and Vitamin E.
  • Fiber- Nuts in general are good sources of fiber; cashew & almonds are no different. Fiber, as we all know, is beneficial for digestive health. Fiber makes you feel full; there fore, you eat less. 
  • Good fats- Although cashews are high in fat, they do provide a good source of healthy fats (i.e. monounsaturated fats). One of those healthy fat is oleic acid, which is also contained in olive oil. Vitamin E found in almonds, keeps our skin, hair, and nails healthy.
  • Good source of Magnesium (Mg) + Potassium (K+)- Why is magnesium important to ask? Well, Mg, is a necessary mineral important in bone health. in fact, approximately 50% of total body Mg is found in bone. In addition, Mg & K+ promote normal blood pressure.
  • Antioxidants- Helps to protect our bodies against free radicals. Free radicals cause cellular damage- When cells are damaged, this may lead to the development of cancer, premature aging and other diseases.
  • Calcium: Almonds are a great source of Calcium, which is necessary in preventing osteoporosis and dental problems.

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Does anyone love these nuts as much as I do? Let's share: Are there any other nuts that you enjoy?

I hope this post was helpful,