Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Achieving healthy behaviors: A few tips

 National Public Health Week: April 4-10

source: apha.org
Well what is Public Health you might ask? Public Health is improving and protecting the health of communities and individuals through education, research and the promotion of healthy lifestyles (www.whatispublichealth.org). Public Health transcends your community and affects everyone, regardless of geographic location.

Health Promotion is the process of helping people change their lifestyles toward a state of optimal health. Health promotion is also about empowering individuals to have control over their own health.

Are you ready to change an undesired health behavior for a more desired health behavior. Here are a few tips & questions you should ask yourself before you begin eliminating or changing an undesired health behavior for a healthier option.

  1.  Set goals. Make sure that you write them down, acting as a form of visual reminder for me. Make sure that these goals are specific and clear.
  2. Are there any perceived barriers that you foresee to achieving your goal?
  3. Are you confident that you are able to achieve your health goals? Is your self-efficacy high or is it low?
  4. What are your attitudes & beliefs to changing a health behavior for a more desired one?
Answering all this questions will lead to a certain outcome. You may or may not be ready to change a health behavior. Therefore, assess your readiness to change your specific health behavior. Knowing how ready you are to engage in changing a behavior will be very important on your journey to achieving a happy & healthy lifestyle.

Be healthy,