Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama & Beyonce team up to fight childhood obesity

Research shows that well-known and admired individuals spread information very quickly. Mrs. Obama and Beyonce have the right idea when it comes to disseminating and adopting healthy behaviors. Beyonce is supporting the First Lady in her fight against childhood obesity with a rewritten version of her hit, "Get Me Bodied." Beyonce transformed this hit into the Let's Move! Flash Workout dance routine that children can enjoy. You can check out a preview of the video on youtube. The flash workout is sure to be fun and entertaining for all.

Nearly 1 in 3 children are either obese or overweight in the U.S. Even more surprising is that these numbers are higher in African American and Hispanic communities.

Launched by Mrs. Obama, Let's Move! campaign is dedicated to solving the challenges associated with childhood obesity within a generation. Let's Move! is focused on 4 key ideas:
  1. Making healthier food choices
  2. Improving healthier food choices
  3. Improving access & affordability of healthy foods in communities
  4. Improving physical education in schools
For more information on Mrs. Obama's  Let's Move! Campaign, click here

I can't wait for updates on this amazing partnership!