Monday, March 12, 2012

On the journey to clear skin (update): Getting rid of acne (with food)

Hello lovely people:

Remember this blog post on the connection between food and acne.
Well, it has being about 2 months now and I have to say that with daily fruit and vegetables juices and fruit and vegetable smoothies, I can say that I have seen a difference in a my skin. For the most part, I have less acne and what I'm working on right now is getting rid of acne scars (which is another beast). I have incorporated Aloe Vera gel  and weekly exfoliation in my healthy skin care regimen to fade the scars.

I wanted to elaborate a bit on that post to shed more light on the subject and help others take care of their skin: 

Acne is an internal problem, as in what you put inside your body, as well as what you don't put in does have a dramatic effect on the appearance of skin.


There are two ways that the body works to get rid of waste and toxins in our body:
1. through the colon (bowel movements)
2. through the kidneys (urination)

When it comes to the colon, diet plays a huge role in allowing the body to properly eliminate waste. This is the whole deal with fiber. Fiber helps waste move through the digestive tract to be eliminated. You want to eat foods high in fiber, such a whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to help with this process. Water is also very important. I'm sure you've heard people often say how important water is as well. Water helps the kidneys to properly get rid of waste. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water. Every organ and cell in the body needs water and there's a lot of them. So drink up on water!

How acne affects the skin

The problem lies when the body is not getting enough water and fiber via the diet. As a result bowel movements are not regular (should be everyday if you are eating the right stuff) and the kidney are not able to function optimally. If the kidneys and bowels are not able to eliminate waste efficiently, it uses the skin to do so. Elimination via the skin often manifests in bumps, cysts, pustules, acne, pimples, inflammation etc. This is why I am using quality, raw and highly nutritious foods to get at the root of this issue.

Of course there are other factors that play a role in the development of acne, such as stress, lack of sleep, hormones, certain medications etc. Find out what's causing your acne. Here's a link below.

I  hope this was helpful to you. Take care. Please Comment and Follow for more posts.