Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UN Summit on NCDs

How does a government change behaviors to promote more healthier ones? Well, according to NYC mayor, Mr. Bloomberg, the government should engage in policy to change the environment in which we live? Do you agree?

Changing the environment in which we live is one way to promote health and decrease illness. NYC is progressive in health policy. For instance, the New York Smoke Free Air Act bans smoking all city parks and beaches. Doing so decreases one's chances of being exposed to second hand smoke (I personally couldn't be happier). Also, there are restrictions on trans fats in all city restaurants and food places.

Mayor Bloomberg was asked to speak at the summit due to his efforts in working to reduce NCDs and their causes thus far. After a summer working with the NYC Department of Health, I have seen first hand, the many projects that the his Health department has been working on to decrease cancers, obesity, asthma etc. By having the mayor speak at the Summit, the UN is hoping that his health projects could be transferred to other countries of the world.  
Is it possible to use the same tactics by the NYC mayor to other countries, such as countries labeled as 'developing' where their people are suffering the most from the devastating effects of NCDs? You tell me?
For more of what the Mayor discussed at the UN Summit, click here.

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Photo credit: NYC Dept. of Heath & Mental Hygiene.
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