Saturday, September 17, 2011

Highly Nutritious Foods I love & You should love them too!

These seven food items are highly nutritious and delicious, and make up a big part of my diet.

1. Spinach: A rich source of plant-based omega 3's, which helps reduce one's risk of heart disease, stroke, & osteoporosis.

2. Yogurt: Builds Bone and boots immunity.

3.Tomatoes: They are heart healthy and also boosts the immune system.

4. Carrots: Love them! Are cancer fighting, also build the immune system and enhances eye sight.

5. Blueberries: Also cancer fighting (because antioxidants in found in blueberries fight free radicals)

6. Black beans: Heart healthy, build protein, great source of fiber.

7. Oats: Also heart healthy, builds protein, & a good source of fiber.

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