Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scary & 'Deadly' Cigarette Warning Labels Revealed
In a bold move by the Food & Drug Administration, cigarette makers will now have to show graphic, negative health effects of smoking on advertisements and cigarette packs.

The new warning labels are a result of the Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act signed by President Barack Obama in 2009.

Starting in September 2012, cigarette buyer will be presented with new warning labels that depict the negative health effects of tobacco use. These depictions include rotting teeth, diseased lungs, and a corpse among other graphic images. The new law will vividly represent 9 new smoking warning labels to increase the public's awareness of the negative effects of smoking.
 By law, at least half of the cigarette packages must be covered with the warning label, including the back & front of the packages. The Act also requires that the warning labels be included in cigarette advertisements and must occupy at least 20% of the ads.
The warning labels will include facts such as:
  • Cigarettes are addictive
  • Tobacco smoke can harm your children
  • Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease
  • Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby
  • Quitting smoking NOW greatly reduces serious risk to your health.
Although, I am not a fan of using fear tactics to bring about desired change, these images may help to decrease tobacco use in the United States.

Please tell me what you think. Do you think that the presence of these graphic images will deter new tobacco users and help existing smokers to quit?

 More information can be found here.