Thursday, November 10, 2011

8 tips to improve your Career Development

Hello lovely people,

The next post on The Good Health Series will look at Social Health. Social Health involves creating & sustaining relationships with others, your community and yourself. Often times, we think of health as just exercise and nutrition and I want to challenge this notion. Health encompasses so much more than just going to gym and eating a bunch of fruits & veggies.

 In addition to Healthy Skin Month, November is also National Career Development Month. I get really excited about this topic, because the happiness and satisfaction that we often experience in school or our careers often spill over in other areas of our lives:o)

Below a few tips that have helped me navigate this area of my life. I hope it can benefit you as well:
  1. Update your resume and Curriculum vitae (CV) NOW. There are always changes to be made, whether that may be adding a skill/experience or using different synonyms to describe your job/internship responsibilities
  2. If you're in school visit the Career Services office to get some form of consultation on internships or jobs or study abroad programs. They know when is the next career fair. Whatever it is that you want to know more about in terms of career/professional development, this should be your go-to office.
  3.  Write your elevator speech. This is basically a 30 second description that describes who you are, what you want to do (i.e. teacher, public health worker etc.) and what you've accomplished (presently or in the past) to achieve your ideal career. You must be specific and to the fluff.
  4. Set some career goals for yourself. Write them or type them, but don't have them floating in your head. Make those visible and concrete. It has more meaning that way. 
  5. Start job/internship searching....Make a list of companies or organizations that you would like to part of. Do your research. Its never too late to begin.
  6. Talk to your peers, mentors, family members, professors etc. You never know where those conversations might take you. True story: A simple conversation with my mentor took me to graduate school with a graduate assistantship that pays for 93% of my graduate degree...Hello! This never would have happened without this conversation.
  7. Use your facebook or twitter account as a platform to market yourself. Display your passion, skills and career goals. You never know who's watching.
  8. If you have a linkedin account, update it. If not, set up an account. 

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