Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's going on?

I have been very busy lately, you know Grad school stuff! LOL. I have several projects that I am working on: the first is a group project that I where we are in the process of writing a grant whose aim is to implement a one-stop wellness center for the elderly. Our hope is that the wellness center will provide a space for the elderly who would like to participate in physical activity and rehabilitation. In addition, the wellness center will provide information on nutrition specifically for the elderly (i.e in the form of cooking classes etc.). Lastly, we hope that the wellness will have a counseling component designed for the elderly in mind. Overall, our vision for the wellness center is all-inclusive....hence, one-stop.

The second project that I an working on is writing a literature review. I have completed the first draft of the lit. review, now it's time for draft II. This lit. review addresses the non-financial barriers to seeking rehabilitation for the disabled elderly and the ways in which a mobile rehabilitation unit can address those issues.

Stay tuned for more non-academic updates. :o)