Saturday, September 4, 2010

Artist of the Week series #1 - Etana: "The Strong One"

So, I will be using this blog to share some of MY favorite artists and music. The artist of the week is none other than Ms. Etana: "the strong one", who is absolutely beautiful. She hails from Jamaica, with a beautiful set of vocals and I love her style, her music, and the positive energy that is always expressed in her music. Her music is thought-provoking, it uplifts, it educates, and it strengthens. I also love the confidence that surfaces with her music and in her music videos. 

I've posted a link to her Myspace page for more information on her, her music and what she's been up to lately. Just click on the title of this blog to get to her page.

I've not added a photo of her, because I do not want to be subject to copyright infringement or being called rude and what not. Lilia don't want no trouble! Ha ha..mama ain't raise no fool!

Hope you guys enjoy!